Step 1: Contact the studio

The first step is to contact Sean Turi Photo Studio with your inquiry to schedule a shoot or ask questions. We recommend scheduling a video consultation with Sean via Google Meet. During the consultation, Sean will get to know you and your needs and answer any questions you have.

Step 2: Choose a Session Date and Time

Once you have scheduled a consultation, we will work with you to choose a session date and time.

Step 3: Pay a Deposit

To secure your session date, you will need to pay a deposit. Your deposit amount will depend on your payment choice

  • Pay in full
  • 50% deposit + balance due one day prior to shoot date
  • StudioPay

Step 4: Show Up for Your Session

On the day of your session, you may arrive up to 15 minutes early. We create buffer times between everyone's sessions in case things run longer than anticipated. Arriving more than 15 minutes early may or may not infringe on another client's session. So we say 15 mins to be safe 😊.

Step 5: Receive Your Photos

Within 3 days of your session, you will receive your photos in high-resolution digital format via an online gallery. You will also have the option to purchase retouching ($45 per photo).

*24-hour turnaround for your gallery ($50 additional) and retouching ($65 per photo) is available if you're in a time crunch.


Once you have received your photo gallery you can order retouching. From here you can order retouching on as many or as few images as you would like at your own leisure.

Retouching rates are:

  • $45 per image (typically a 5 business day turnaround)
  • $65 per image (24-hour turnaround)

STEP 7: add another zero TO the end of that paycheck

Though we wish we could guarantee ROI (return on investment) with your images that is one our goals working with our clients. We want to create a compelling image that you love AND gets you noticed, clicked on, and seen. At that point show em' your greatness 👊.