Session Details & Booking

The Sean Turi photo studio offers tailored photo sessions, specifically designed for actors, models, creators, influencers, and corporate headshots. However, if you have a unique request such as a product or commercial project, please feel free to contact us directly for a customized quote that accurately reflects your specific needs.

Master Session

2 hours


  • Enables cross-marketing opportunities for both headshots and model photos
  • Perfect for targeted casting submissions with a variety of high-quality photos
  • Ideal for gaining representation with a professional portfolio
  • Perfect for models to update their portfolio with diverse looks and styles

Snap Session

30 mins.


  • Ideal for emerging talents seeking a quick and budget-friendly headshot session
  • Perfect for refreshing your look or trying something new
  • Simple and affordable option for a professional headshot.

Corporate Headshot

30 mins.

$350 for a single member in-studio

To professionally represent your brand accurately, it's essential to have a strong company image. Sean and his team can create headshots that either match your current ones or develop a new concept that reflects your company's values and culture. Consistency across all images is vital, ensuring a unified and professional look.

Corporate Group

Groups of 3 or more

Group rate calculator >

  • Our corporate headshot pricing tier offers discounts that become more affordable with every five members for teams of three or more.
  • Use our group calculator to get an instant quote and choose from our customizable package options.

Contact us today to elevate your team's professional image with high-quality headshots.

Hair and Makeup

Available Options

Self Application


Our recommendation regarding professional hair and makeup has changed due to the evolving industry demands. Nowadays, it is essential for images to capture a natural and authentic look, just like how you would present yourself during a casting or audition. Furthermore, we have noticed that many of our clients have become proficient in applying hair and makeup on their own. Therefore, we encourage you to do your own hair and makeup, unless you fall into one of the following categories: you don't trust your ability, or you don't want to bother with the task.

Booking Studio Referral

HMU Artist services are booked directly through the artist. Their terms and conditions of services are separate from Sean Turi Studios and guarantees/expectations of services are solely through the direct agreement between the client and HMU Artist.

Recommended Artist:

Jessie Lynn


Portrait retouching can enhance your images and help you present your best self. It can correct minor flaws, such as blemishes, stray hairs, or wrinkles, while preserving your natural appearance. This can elevate your photos to a more professional level, making them more effective for use in a variety of settings, from social media profiles to business cards and professional portfolios. Overall, portrait retouching can help you feel more confident and make a lasting impression.

Pro (5-business day turnaround)

$45 per image


To present your best authentic self, consider our Pro level retouching service. This option enhances your images while maintaining your natural presence, such as repairing minor wardrobe issues, reducing wrinkles, and removing skin blemishes. It's a great way to elevate your calling card to a professional level.

  • Advanced skin balancing
  • Hair flyaways
  • Minor wardrobe repair
  • Background cleanup and lighting adjustments

Pro Rush (24-hour turnaround)

$65 per image

Perfect for clients on a tight schedule. Receive your images within 24 hours of ordering.

*Revision requests can be made until 4 PM.