I hold strong values in family, fitness, the outdoors, and career. I admire those who go after their dreams with determination and believe that committing to a goal can lead to success.

My journey as a photographer and entrepreneur started during my early modeling career at 19. This experience allowed me to understand what it's like to be in front of the camera and recognize which images have a unique marketable quality. As a result, my creative vision shifted to working behind the lens. In 2008, I received my first camera and booked my first shoot only 12 days later.

Since then, I have dedicated my attention to embracing the potential of advanced technology in-studio and collaborating with highly accomplished photographers to create truly unique LIVE Sessions. I'm lucky to call these colleagues friends.

Presently, my endeavors encompass expanding the reach of the Sean Turi LIVE sessions to other prominent cities, while also delving deeply into thought-provoking subjects on the Sean Turi YouTube channel.

My #1's.

Nothing more to say. Everything else is 2nd place.

The beginning.

Showing the girls where I met their Mom while she was visiting from Norway and also where I started my career after my New Jersey basement studio.

Marathon in Svalbard

Google this place - it's way up there. More polar bears than people.


I completed in the USAPL (powerlifting) at the age of 15. I still train hard. Get some.