A more affordable way to pay for your session.

Our 'buy now, pay later' option lets you split the session cost into four payments, paid every two weeks. Upgrade your session today with low-cost payments.

First payment

  • The first payment must be made one week prior to your session in order to confirm your booking.

making payments

  • As you pay down your balance you will be able to schedule your shoot and receive your images.
  • Images will be sent to you in a low-resolution watermarked version via an online gallery.
  • Review and make favorite lists with your images.

Last payment

  • Receive a link to your photographs in both high-resolution and low-resolution.
  • You may pay your balance early and receive your high-resolution and watermark-free images.

How do I choose this option?

During the booking process, you will fill out a questionnaire which asks your preferred payment method. Choose the "Studio Financing" option.

Simple payment structure.

Split up your session cost into 4 payments over 2 months


What if I miss a payment or stop paying?

If a payment is more than two weeks overdue, your gallery access will be temporarily suspended until all outstanding payments are settled. It is important to keep your payments up to date, as failure to do so may result in permanent blocking of your gallery and the balance being sent to a collection agency.

Will I receive my photos before last payment?

Yes, you will receive all the images from your photo session, but they will lack the option to download and will be watermarked. This is to protect the studio's rights until the final payment is received. Once the full balance is settled, you will be sent a link to download your images in high resolution and without any watermark.

Can I pay early?

Yes, absolutely, you can make payments early if you'd like to. In fact, we welcome early payments and appreciate your initiative to stay ahead of your payment schedule. If you have any questions or concerns about making early payments, please feel free to reach out to us and we'll be happy to assist you.